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The Lord has been so good to us these last few weeks!! We have been excited to be able to share our burden with a number of churches as well as participate in ministry at our home church. Below is a picture of our Christmas Cantata from our point of view. It is such a blessing to be able to serve alongside those who are sending us to start churches. God bless you this week!

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With winter just around the corner, we thought we'd bring you a weather report from Arctic Norway! With an expected high of 32 degrees Fahrenheit and mostly clear skies it looks to be a beautiful day! We know many would disagree with us, but we are wishing some of the snow in the forecast for Karasjok would reach us here in the Midwest! Have a blessed Tuesday!

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Today's post is brought to you by Ada. "When packing a suitcase for a missions conference it is important to have the essentials. Certainly snacks, cold milk, and fresh diapers are needed, but also, and probably more important are stuffed animals and fun clothes. Below is an example of how I like to pack a bag."

"You will notice the important items, like my ladybug that doubles as a pillow, my pet tiger Hobs, comfy PJs, and kitty. These are things that can make an ordinary missions conference extraordinary!!"

"P.S. Should you ever need packing advice, I have months of experience and will gladly help in anyway I can. Also, Daddy says please subscribe at the bottom of the page." :D

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