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In light of the recent Winter Olympics we thought you might find some facts about Norway at the Winter Olympics interesting.

(Picture of the Norwegian Winter Olympics Team at the opening ceremonies in PyeongChang, South Korea.)

#1 - Ski Jumping originated in Norway with records showing the earliest competition taking place in 1808!! Norwegian migrants were also responsible for bringing the sport of ski jumping to the United States and Canada.

#2 - Cross-Country skiing also began in Scandinavia with earliest records reaching back five thousand years!! Nordic countries have dominated this sport at the Winter Olympics since it's introduction in 1924.

#3 - Norway leads the medal count for the three specific ski disciplines in which the two above mentioned disciplines are used. this includes Cross-Country Skiing, Ski Jumping, and Nordic Combined. (A combination of ski jumping and cross-country)

#4 - Norway dominated the 2018 Winter Olympics with 39 total medals overall. This broke the record for total medals won at a single Winter Olympics.

#5 - Norway leads the all time Winter Olympic medal count with 368 total medals, with 132 of them being gold. That is 63 more total then the second place medal holder.

#6 - At the end of any day in which the Norwegians won a medal they were awarded with cake. They had 4 chefs in order to make enough cake for the 109 team members in PyeongChang.

Hope you enjoyed some interesting facts about Norway at the winter Olympics.

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